Are you disillusioned at work?

Have you lost your job, or perhaps you’re stepping into the job market for the first time?

This can be a scary situation to find yourself in.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Career coaching is all about taking you from where you are now to where you want to be.

My team and I can help you figure out what that looks like as well as how to get there.

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that the world of work has changed.

Gone are the days that you must find a job and stay there, no matter what. You no longer need to have a career for life.

There’s more flexibility and choice. You have more opportunities to move around, working internationally or in multiple vocations. So if you’re not happy with where you are right now, I can help you change that.

Staying in a dead-end job is no longer necessary. Let’s start working towards the future you want for yourself today, together.

What do you do each day that adds value in the business you work for?

And what happens when there are fewer opportunities for development or you get passed over for promotion?

Is there a possibility that your current working environment doesn’t allow you to play to your strengths or is blocking your path towards progress and personal development in your career?

Coming to terms with things like these can be challenging, sometimes overwhelming. But you don’t have to stay in a work environment like this forever. Career coaching can provide the stimulus to get you seeking new, and better, opportunities. The opportunities you deserve.

Our Clients

“I am a life coach, career coach and executive coach and have been in practice for a couple of years. I met Brian in January 2022 through our mutual coaching association. Brian has a wonderfully calm manner, is keen to share the depth of his career & life’s wisdom. Given his many years of experience in the coaching space, I asked him to be my mentor.  Brian is very organised, generous with his time and shares best practice. I always feel more buoyant in spirits and enriched with knowledge and strategies post our sessions. Time always seems to fly by when I meet with Brian.  Thank you Brian for being in my small circle of support and for being a cheerleader as my coaching practice grows.”

– MD,

“Working with Brian over the past 2 years has proved highly valuable in supporting growth and development in my learning journey as a Coach. The opportunity to share and explore issues/ situations from different perspectives in a safe and confidential space has contributed to many successful business outcomes. 

Overall, meeting demands and challenges with a positive and open mindset has allowed greater sustainability of work commitments and finding ways to achieve a healthier work/ life balance. Thank you Brian.”

– JS,

There are advantages for employers too.

Supporting career development within your organisation has many benefits. Things like talent management, employee engagement, greater competitive advantage, and increased motivation.

And there’s even more – additional benefits include:

  • Greater resilience
  • Change management
  • Career development
  • Ability to manage transitions
  • Performance management
  • Life Transitions
  • Starting your own business
  • Active retirement
  • Leadership development
  • Management potential
  • Cultural understanding

Changing your career path or forging a new one is a process individual to you.

So we can help in a variety of ways, including CV writing, interview skills, transferable skills assessment, psychometrics, and effective networking that are relevant to your specific situation.

Ready to get your career on the right track?

Contact us to talk about career coaching.