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Strong leadership, efficient management and a talented and motivated team are vital for success.

That’s why at Shanks Consultancy we help businesses achieve better results by supporting your people.

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Consultancy Services in People Management

You need help identifying and developing your business’ potential

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Leadership & Management Development

You want to become the type of leader who inspires and supports their team

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Team Coaching

You want to develop a more cohesive and happier team

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Career Coaching

You need help starting, changing or improving your career

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Personal Coaching

You need help dealing with challenges, difficulties, and opportunities life throws your way

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Our Clients

“Brian has worked with Donald Russell for a number of years as a coach and support for our internal management development programmes. During this time he has been involved with a wide range of people from shop floor operatives to our more senior management team.

“Brian has gained a detailed knowledge of the business and its culture and has used this to great effect in his interactions. He has worked both at individual level and larger group level to help provide support for our less experienced management team.

“Brian spends time getting to know individuals he is dealing with and is very proficient in assessing areas for development and working with people to put an improvement plan in place. His approach has proved very successful and we have seen tangible improvements in the business in how the people who have worked with him have performed.”

– PM,
HR & Finance Director, Donald Russell Ltd

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